The Icon Design Manager by FryDesign.

FryDesign is now offering the Icon Design Manager. This browser based application has been created to help designers and clients more effectively collaborate on works in progress and, if preferred, house the library.

If your company wants to organize and manage its icon library, the Icon Design Manager can provide with the solution that you are looking for. Call us at (360) 620-7158 for more information.

The Icon Design Manager is composed of a front-end web view and an administrative back-end.

On the front-end, users can view all the icons that have been uploaded into the Icon Design Manager. Authorized users can make collections of icons for download, set icons as “Pre-Approved or Pending” and “Approve” an icon iteration. Collecting icons for a download, pre-approving and approving are made via drag and drop mouse actions. Users can also add comments about the icons and those who have requested to be recipients for those comments may receive them via email.

Not logged in to the Icon Design Manager
Logged in to the Icon Design Manager

In the back-end administrative area, authorized users are presented with a comprehensive spreadsheet-like view of the all the icon sets. An icon set contains the original icon, if provided, plus icon design iterations. The icons sets may be sorted by category, title, approval state, and published or unpublished state.

Administrative View - Iconsets

An individual icon set can be viewed or edited by clicking on its title within the back-end. Notes can be added or modified and tags added or manipulated. Additionally, icon design iterations can be pre-approve, approved and or unapproved.

Large numbers of icons can be imported — an advantage when setting up the Icon Design Manager for the first time or for other large projects.

Administrative View - Single iconset

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